Abstract Artist, Rebecca King, The Custom Art Co.

Rebecca's work focuses on glowing skies, endless horizons and the natural beauty of serene landscapes. She uses modern abstract techniques while working with acrylic inks and watercolors to create fluid lucid layers.

She draws from earthy color palettes to capture familiarity of places that encourage the viewer to belong within the landscape and spark memories. Transporting them to a misty early sunrise, the solitude at the last light of day, a trek up a mountainous landscape or the peace of a quiet walk in the countryside.

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Hidden Wilderness Collection

An abstract collection that embodies the idea of undiscovered landscapes lying hidden in the world. 

Available April 24th

As an Artist I translate emotions, thoughts and recollection into my work. My intent is to capture the viewer in place and time through brushstrokes and layers.

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The Desertscape Collection embodies remote landscapes, solitude and spanning horizons. The vastness in the scenery reminds us how slight yet adept we are. View the available paintings within the Desertscape Collection 

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